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About #iLoveGlobalGoals

This movement is for every one of us who sees sustainable development is crucial for the world – the one just outside our window and the one far away. We believe that if every person who believes in the Global Goals choses to speak up and get together with others, we will be able to affect each other for a real and positive change in behaviour. Because actions is what we need.

This movement is for children, young, adults and the elderly – regardless of job, political views, age or postal code, that brings their heart into everything they do. Whether it be in school on the job or in the gym. By turning Global Goals to Everday Goals we show our love for the things we have dear and wants to take care of. Every day.

iLoveGlobalGoals is for everyone who aknowledges that are are alle connected and as individuals cannot buy our way throught this transition. We are a part of the world and its problems which makes it our problems as well. And if we don’t act, things will only get worse. We who believe that the Global Goals can be that positive change cannot turn the other cheek to the fact that many are still not with us.

Behind the movement is a small agency, Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda, who has decided to work on the Global Goals in every aspect of our business.

We have no political offset and work together with everyone who wants to turn Global Goals into Everyday Goals – spreading the word.

We work together with schools, organizations, municipalities, ministries and corporates to achieve the goals because we strongly believe in partnerships as the tool to get there.

We feel that Denmark is the place to kickstart this movement because it is where we live – and if you do not start with YOU, then where?! Firstly, we must make sure that every 5,5 million Danes have heard of the Global Goals, believes they are importance and acts on them every single day. If we succeed in Denmark, the movement can go anywhere.

We know that all actions start with people who makes up their mind. We do not see the goals as a self-righteous agenda but rather as an opportunity to take part in the development.

The movement is independent but highly dependent that everyone who loves the Global Goals wants to join. Just the fact that the world agreed on 17 goals is amazing, so now it is time for us to bring them home and turn them into our Everyday Goals.

We hope that everyone wants to join spreading the message and using #iLoveGlobalGoals to show others.